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20060322-Trampoline-0311-web.jpg I like to post many of my photographs. In many cases they are not my best work, but they add something to the full category set.

But my Signature category is for only the work that I am most proud of.
20140622-sankie-0002.jpg We went to a park with a private area.
Christiana (17)
20170430-christiana-0002.jpg Great ginger model.
20160908-candi-0001.jpg This is from her third workshop with me.

She is one of my groups favourites. And mine.
20160731-kelli-0001.jpg One of my favourite and most popular models returned. July 2016.
20160501-kelli-0001.jpg Kelli was born to model. I first worked with her in 2009 and many times since.

This is from a workshop in May 2016.
20160712-morena-0010.jpg First shoot with this great model at one of my workshops.

More will follow.
Jessica (18)
20051120-Jessica-0001.jpg Jessica is Vietnamese. An exotic beauty.

This is from many years ago. I had just purchased my Elinchrome studio lights and this was my first time hosting a group shoot.
Kubota (33)
20160103-kubota-0022.jpg Beautiful and exotic model who illustrates why I love Toronto's diversity.

Kubota is so easy to work with. Her eyes can make you melt and also see right through you.
Shara (40)
20160225-shara-0001.jpg A lovely artist from Spain. Shara does not so model, as perform.
20160221-katVonKitty-0001.jpg It has been a long time since our first shoot.

Four great sets in this one, with this fabulous model!
20160124-candy-0007.jpg Candy is a super model. Her experience makes her easy to work with, and her continuing freshness ensures we get great results.
Cally-Jay (43)
20160207-jess-0002.jpg Cally-Jay is an artist of many talents. Her performance art makes her a great model.
Kathryn (29)
20160131-kathryn-0006.jpg Kathryn was my model for one of my workshops. Everyone loved her talent and personality.

Just fabulous.
20160131-bw-kathryn-0006.jpg These are from the same workshop, but presented in B&W.

Fabulous model.
Elly (19)
20151124-elly-0015.jpg Fabulous new model! Beautiful, sassy and sexy.
Alex (49)
20060326-Alex-0001.jpg This is from a few years back.

Alex is a great model and talented actress. We had a great time!
Hannah B (16)
20141219-hannah-0136.jpg I attended a workshop at Revprint Studio because Hannah was being featured.

I am very happy with the results.
20141203-anna-0200.jpg It was a pleasure working with this model.

She has an exotic look, and really knows how to move her body.
20140409-kelli-0067.jpg Kelli is one of my favourite and most talented models.

She came by for a shoot with two themes: support marijuana decriminalization and gay pride.

I added a couple of props.
Amy (14)
20140325-amy-0133.jpg Amy was looking to become a model. I had the good fortune of connecting with her. We have shot a number of times and each one gets better.
Becca (24)
20140316-becca-0004.jpg This was mostly a make up shoot. But we had time to fit in some other things.

I like getting a bit extreme.

Becca is a great young, model, and I definitely want to work with her some more.
20080830-0020-Julie and Marlayna Brickworks.jpg The Brickworks was a wonderful setting. It has been recovered by the Evergreen project and they have done wonderful things with the abandoned brick factory.

But before the recovery it was a photographer's dream setting. Great graffiti on the walls, and interesting light from the holes in the roof.

Julie was with me for a while, and we made some wonderful art. I worked with Marlayna once before. The two models met for the first time at this shoot.

I am very happy with the results.
20131110-melissa-0001.jpg I worked with Melissa at a workshop I saw on

Her height and shape immediately caught my eye. And I like other photographer's perspectives on lighting from time to time.

I think this a wonderful set!
20121118-kristen-0003.jpg It is almost magick when an artist finds an inspiration, a muse. My work is technical and absolute; my photography is my art and my passion. Kristen is liberal arts. Not to mention an incredible model. Our life's paths merged for a short time. For that I am grateful. This is our last shoot. It was at Mel Lastman Square in North Toronto. I think it was Kristen's first shoot of this nature, and she was excellent!
Sarah (16)
20030214-sarah-0004.jpg Sarah was a great model with an athletes figure.

This was one of my first shoots using my own studio lighting. It was 2003 and the camera was my first DSLR, a D100.
Christine (11)
Christine-20041024-007.jpg This goes back a number of years. I would love to work with this beautiful model again.
20100314-Kelli-Wedding-Dress-0105.jpg One of my favourite models and friends.

A month before the wedding we did the shoot in the wedding gown, and then I was a helper photographer at her wedding to Andrew!
Sandra (50)
20110419-Sandra-0062.jpg Sandra and I have worked together three times. She is one of my favuorite models.

Sandra is Burmese.

And we just click. And make some beautiful art.
Kristi (39)
20100508-kristi-0001.jpg Kristi was a fresh, new model, and a lot of fun to work with.
20130120-kat-0013.jpg Had a fun shoot with this lovely young woman. Looking to get her outdoors next.
20110403-Amber-0363.jpg A young couple with very noticeable feelings for each other.

Call it love. Call it passion. Call it lust.

It was captured.
20130428-sandy-0004.jpg Super and experienced model. We got together for an hour.
20040125-LinzeeAndShawn-0001.jpg Girlfriend/boyfriend at a workshop. We made it into a story.
20080824-0002-Julie.jpg Julie was part of my life a number of years ago. She is of Russian decent from the Pacific side and via Israel.

We took many photographs. This was a casual set taken in Black Creek Ravine and Mel Lastman Square.
20071125-0157-Charlene.jpg Beauty is not limited to women under 30. But sometimes they need some encouragement to share it.
Kristen (38)
20120711-Kristen-0062.jpg I had a great session with this exotic looking model.

We will have more before too long.
20090131-0172-Marta-bw.jpg I connected with Marta and her husband on Craigslist.

He is Turkish. She is Mexican, and I suspect Mayan decent.

They are very much in love.

It was a pleasure to capture Marta at this beautiful time in her life.
20060118-Gatina-0005.jpg This goes back a few years. The beach is Cherry Beach in Toronto Harbour. We had a good evening with the summer's setting sun.
Estrella (16)
20130915-elizabeth-0006.jpg Fantastic model.

This was shot at my studio. I am looking forward to getting her there again!