Light Writing

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Seeking Models

New Models

I am very happy to work with you without charge. This is a hobby for me, so I am not looking to be paid when there is no revenue.

You gain experience, and get some very nice photos that you will be able to download from this web site after I have processed them. You can use them to start your portfolio, post them to social media and to sign up on web sites such as Model Mayhem.

Interested? Please get in touch. See my contact page.

Young Woman - Recurring

I am looking for young women, 18-23, who live in an area convenient to Downsview/York University, who would like to model for fun. Two friends are ideal.

You get copies of all photos and may use them on your social media page or anything similar. I can set you up with your own web site if you like. You will be featured here, on mine.

I want regular models to try out new things. New lighting, new techniques, new locations.

The major goal is to have fun.

A good fit as a model is someone who is somewhat extroverted, but can play different roles. You can be serious. You can be silly. You can interact, and also play solo.

We will shop Value Village for funky clothes. And hats, and glasses and shoes.

We will do urban, like Queen Street West, do Cherry Beach, and the Badlands in Caledon. Lots in the studio as well.

I will keep you fed and watered. Do you like Sushi?

Interested? Please get in touch. See my contact page.

Alternative/Fetish Models

I have another web site for this.

Interested? Please get in touch. See my contact page. I will send you the URL.